Mission Statement

JusticeWorks BehavioralCare has as its mission the goal of building better futures for youth, their families and the community. JusticeWorks provides innovative programs that identify and build on youth’s and families’ strengths. We create structure to positively redirect their lives. We help youth become good citizens and assist their families to resolve their problems and to be supportive of their children. Our efforts help remedy damage to the community and restore community safety.

Values Statement

  • KidsFirst! In everything we do, the needs and concerns of youth and families are our fundamental concern. All of our work is directed to helping the youth and families in our care.
  • Our core principle is to do “whatever it takes” to help youth and families in our care achieve success. That means we are:

1. Ethical
2. Caring
3. Proactive
4. Committed
5. Driven to succeed
6. Creative and flexible
7. Goal directed
8. Strength-based
9. Family-centered
10. Persistent

We know that in human service programs it’s not what is done but how, and the how is directly related to the who. We understand that in order to achieve success it takes professionals with multiple skills and, especially, an ability to connect with youth and families. We recruit and support talented staff; give them the tools and responsibility to get the job done; hold them accountable and acknowledge their hard work and progress.

  • It is critically important that staff understand and relate to the realities of the youth and families we with, and for staff to be role models. Our staff reflects the ethnic and racial diversity of our clients.
  • We understand our work in the context of family and community. We know that we are a short-term support system to teach and redirect those we serve. We view one of our primary jobs as teaching youth and families to identify and access community resources.
  • We do not try to be ‘all things to all people’. We recognize our strengths and limitations and extensively utilize community resources. We are not afraid to ask questions or to ask for additional support.
  • We work in partnership with the public agencies who contract with us and respect their role and authority. We want to make their jobs easier and our work to reflect positively on them. We abide by the spirit and the letter of the regulations that govern our efforts. We understand that documenting our efforts is as important as anything else we do (“if it’s not on paper, it didn’t happen”).
  • We aspire to always utilize best practices and work tirelessly to incorporate new and proven techniques. We work with our stakeholders to identify and develop appropriate services for populations of concern.
  • We make the effort to evaluate the outcomes of our work. We use feedback from our clients and stakeholders, as well as the results of outcome evaluations, to continuously work to improve our efforts and achieve better results.